How Does the Merchant Processing Application Process Work?

The merchant processing account application process should be extremely simple no matter which provider you choose. At Total-Apps, we do make it a priority to get you set up within 2-3 business days. Here’s how that breaks down:

When you initially inquire with Total-Apps, one of our account engineers will review the information you provide and pre-approve you with a designated account type. Depending on the level of risk for your business, there are multiple options on how to set you up.

The next step is to contact you with some initial questions. We want to learn all about your business, as we strongly believe in the “Know Your Customer” policy. This allows for quick turnaround and long-term success between us and our merchants. With these questions, we will also discuss the next steps with you, which typically moves into the online application process. This application takes between 15-30 minutes to complete and we can walk you through the entire process.

At the end of our call, we will let you know which documents we will need in addition to the online app. These documents are typically simple and include photo ID, voided check, and business license.

Here’s where we differ from most providers – we aim to have you up and running with 2-3 business days from the time of application submission. From our experience and discussions with merchants, delays in completing the merchant account application process a HUGE pain point.

If the provider you’re currently talking to shies away from approval within 2-3 days, it’s time to look elsewhere. This is a sure sign that they won’t be able to meet your needs. At Total Apps, we strive to make the merchant application process quick and easy.