Rey Pasinli & Jason Taylor – Zooz Twitter Roundtable Chat

Executive Directors Rey Pasinli and Jason Taylor will be participating in Zooz Payment’s Twitter Roundtable Chat – “Payment Due: The Year-to-Date in Payment Tech” where they’ll discuss the latest developments involving Apple Pay, MCX, Bitcoin, PayPal and other newsmakers.

Zooz Payments #Paytech2015 Info

Wednesday, May 13

2:00 PM EDT

Hash Tag: #paytech2015

The success of our February 25 Twitter Roundtable (“Transaction Declined? Getting Ahead of Payment Tech Challenges in 2015”) showed us that there is great interest in discussing and learning about payment issues that affect today’s retailers.

For our second Roundtable, we will be discussing the significant developments that have affected the industry in just the past few months. These include revelations of widespread Apple Pay fraud, PayPal’s purchase of Paydiant, MCX replacing its CEO following a surprising Best Buy announcement, retailers’ ongoing scramble to meet the October EMV deadline, and many other timely topics.

We have once again lined up an expert panel of payments industry influencers to field our questions, including: trade reporters, industry analysts and consultants; C-level industry executives; and professors of economics and finance.

How to Join

We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a thought-provoking discussion.  You can use TweetChat, HootSuite or TweetDeck in order to follow the conversation and participate. Simply enter the hashtag #paytech2015 a few minutes before the start time, and the Zooz moderator will make introductions and begin the questioning. Please make sure to include the hashtag#paytech2015 with every tweet you post during the Roundtable.  Otherwise, your comment will not be picked up by TweetChat and other social media dashboards, and will therefore not be seen by most other participants.