Wrapping Up Your Fundraising Campaign

We’re in the middle of year-end fundraising campaigns. These campaigns include major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, as well as giving days like Giving Tuesday.

According to npEngage and a recent article, fundraising emails increased 17% last year and 72% two years ago. Chances are, your nonprofit is faced with the fact that your limited resources are trying to send even more year-end emails than last year. Finding the time to send email can be difficult, but let’s talk about just how necessary it may be.

Let’s assume you’re using video content to engage your users and push for donations, especially in these year-end campaigns that are so common. You persuade donations by telling donors that their contribution will help your cause tremendously. How do you ensure that your donor feels a sense of closure and feels good about their donations?

According to npEngage, you need to wrap up their donation with a thank you – whether that’s an email, physical letter, or phone call. If you fail to do so, your next campaign won’t carry the same sense of urgency to the donor.