What If My Credit Score Isn’t the Best?

Total-Apps is often approached by potential merchants that do not have the best credit score. They’ve been sent from provider to provider given their credit and just as they’re about to give up, they find us. So let’s break down your options when your credit score is low.

Criteria for merchant account approval varies from provider to provider, which makes it difficult for merchants when trying to find a provider that can accommodate a less than ideal credit score. Some providers and their risk department insist on a set credit score to ensure their portfolio of merchants is secure. Other merchants weigh credit score along with other factors during the underwriting process.

Total-Apps and many other ISOs fall into that latter category.

When you submit an application through Total-Apps, we take into consideration the following:

Total-Apps and other ISOs can typically work with most merchants, even if they are labeled “high-risk” due to their credit score. How do we do this? We ask for additional documents to have on file. Documents can include bank statements to show capital, proof of inventory, etc.

Just because you have less-than-perfect credit shouldn’t mean you’re out of luck when you need to take credit cards from customers. There are plenty of ways to illustrate your business is no more risky just because of your credit score. Total-Apps is here to work it out with you.