Venture Magazine Understands Social Commerce

Venture Magazine recently published an article about social commerce and the growing trend of using social media platforms to buy and sell products and services.

Although social commerce is not new, the increased mobile use of social media channels and the use of mobile payment technologies have increased the presence of Buy Buttons on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. In addition to buy buttons, social channels now want to make the transition to include payments on their own platforms to further complete transactions.

Companies now offer the technology to allow customers to make purchases without leaving their Facebook page. Current Buy Buttons on Facebook direct customers to a separate retailer’s site. With the application of new technology, customers won’t ever have to leave Facebook or other social channels.

These developments will allow social networks to be able operate on the same level as ecommerce sites, permitting discussion as well as purchases all through social media. It is crucial for businesses to connect with their audiences. Access to new technologies will help them succeed in social commerce.

Total-Apps’s Video Checkout technology allows customers to make in-video purchases without leaving Facebook. By decreasing the amount of steps it takes for a customer to checkout, brands will see an increase of purchases and donations online. While most businesses allow customers to click a link and transfer to a separate website, new shoppable video technology is revolutionizing how consumers buy products and services.

We are looking forward to seeing how brands will employ social media to encourage online buying. Video Checkout technology will have a huge impact on how customers interact with brands, discuss their experiences, and share information on social networks.