Twitter Product Pages – The Latest Update

The past week has seen major announcements from Twitter regarding changes with products. The first announcement discusses Lighting, a plan that will help push live events. The second announcement regards “Collections,” which are a group of product pages that makes it easier for users to shop a wide variety of products by categories. Ultimately, these new features could make Twitter feel much more visual with a feeling quite similar to Pinterest.

Merchants will have the ability to sell products directly through a buy button, or by directing users to their own website.

Twitter Product Pages – What Does Twitter Have to Say?

Amaryllis Fox, product manager at Twitter, says, “Every month, millions of people Tweet about what they love: products they buy, places they visit, books they’re reading or vacations they’re planning. But it can be challenging to find and engage with the most relevant Tweets, images and videos about products and places when you’re looking for them. So today we’re beginning to test two ways to make it easier for you to discover rich and relevant content on Twitter.”

We believe there’s an underlying issue here, especially with Twitter now allowing to send users to a retailer’s website. We’ve seen friction with Twitter’s initial push into the buy button which could be why the platform is allowing this new feature. The buy button could potentially be a turnoff for users at this time.

Issues or not, this is a huge announcement that affects the Social Commerce industry. We’re seeing pivots quite frequently and we believe it has to do with where users are at in their comfort level.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the buy button could be successful if users were comfortable? Do you think it will take time? Or do you think the user ultimately wants options on where to check out? Comment below. We’d love to hear your take on the subject.