Technology Trends Shaping Mobile Commerce in 2017

Mobile Commerce Leans Heavily on Key Technology Developments

In 2016, nearly every major brand dropped a mobile app, many with built-in mobile commerce options 0uowqg8. Mobile wallets became more commonly accepted by retailers, and mobile shopping was at an all-time high. To keep the mobile commerce trend alive, the technology must develop to meet the needs. For 2017, m-commerce platforms will become more user-friendly, with mobile wallet integration. Many retailers may introduce mobile rewards, and beacon technology will finally be implemented. Also be on the lookout for mobile-centric storefronts to increase customer engagement and the personalized shopping experience. But perhaps the biggest technology trend that will boost m-commerce is convenience. Dining services like Uber Eats, one-touch purchases, auto-ships, and more will be introduced on a much larger scale in 2017.