How Can I Use Social Media to Fundraise?

Using Social Media to fundraise can be a tricky task. Up until recently, no one had a solid way to ask for donations besides a link to a donation form. And unfortunately, studies show that users are far less likely to leave a social platform when given an offer to purchase a product or make a donation. So the question still continues to be asked in much of the fundraising community. How can Social Media be utilized to raise funds in an effective way?

There are a handful of tools on the market today that allow you to take payments in social platforms. Let’s go over a couple of options across various platforms.

Social Media to Fundraise on Twitter

Twitter is a very unique platform. It moves extremely fast, but when a trend catches on, it can take the platform by storm for quite some time. We saw this with #TheDress, #IceBucketChallenge, and plenty of more that come up week to week. Twitter offers a “Buy Button” that allows users to sell to their followers with a Shopify integration. There’s a huge issue with fundraising and the Buy Button, however. Most charities stay away from Twitter’s Buy Button because Shopify is meant for merchants selling products. So where does that leave you?

#Twt2Pay takes your branded hashtag and turns it into a way for your customers to donate to your cause. When your donor tweets a hashtag, they will receive a customized response from your charity with a link to donate. This form of fundraising works great when you consider that they are publically announcing their donation to your cause by tweeting the branded hashtag.

Social Media to Fundraise on Facebook

Up until recently, taking donations via Facebook has proven to be a very difficult task. Just like an eCommerce store, every click leads to lower conversion. Total App’s Video Checkout system has recently been revamped to be functional in the Facebook feed. The best part? It’s mobile friendly. The donation form lives on the Facebook post. This is a huge win for your charity because it means your donors don’t have to be sent out of the feed to make a donation.

The social fundraising landscape is evolving quite quickly so it’s time you view the latest tools to further help your charity or cause. How are you currently using Social Media? Are you looking to find a set of tools to set you apart? If so, we gotcha covered!