An Update on Social Fundraising for Charities

As we mentioned in our recent post, social media has played a huge role in fundraising for colleges and non-profits. The sheer magnitude of increased funds raised was first seen in recent years at Columbia University where their efforts with social media aided in raising millions of dollars! $8 million to be exact.

With our focus on helping charities and non-profits raise funds for their cause, we wanted to give you an update on just how powerful social media and utilizing  innovative techniques can be for your campaign.

The Numbers Behind Social Fundraising For Charities

Just last year, it was reported that 79% of charities that implemented a social media plan reported a rise in funds they received according to The Guardian. The statistic is extremely important when you also consider that 44% of donors admit to being able to give more. Being able to meet your donors on social media platforms means you can find the ways to motivate them to give more.

Don’t Ignore Data

Data should be part of your planning. The tools you use within your social media strategy (be it a hashtag commerce system for Twitter or video payments within Facebook) need to allow you to track data. Who are your customers? Where are they located? If you can’t track this valuable information, how can you continue to remind these donors that they gave once and should encourage their friends and family to give?

Are you a charity or non-profit looking to use social media to take donations? We want to talk to you about how you can set up your free campaign. Even if you don’t have a campaign with us, share your stories below in the comments field. We’d love to hear what worked for you and your strategies, what didn’t work, and what you’re currently doing to make the most of your fundraising.