Social Commerce and Customer Service

Do you ever reach out to companies to resolve an issue via social media? If you’re somewhat active on social media, chances are you have done so at least once in the past. How was that experience? Did you wish the brand handled the situation in a more efficient manner? Were you even able to get a response via social media?

It’s important to realize that you and your customers are extremely alike. We all want a quick response and excellent customer service, especially when communicating within a social platform. And if you’ve invested in social commerce as a tool to increase sales, you want to double down on social media customer service. If you expect customers to purchase directly from you with ease on your social channels, you’ll  want to recognize that customers expect to be able to communicate with you and resolve any issues or have their questions answered.

Here are the numbers the recent reports are showing:

  • 38% of consumers expect a company to respond on the same day when communication is initiated within a social channel.
  • 31% of consumers expect a company to resolve an issue within the same day.

Unfortunately, the stats  show that 1 in 3 customers said it typically takes longer than a week to resolve the issue or for a brand to respond via social media. Not really the most solid of customer service experiences.

There’s been a recent shift to social media and as a brand, you have to be prepared for that. The shift comes at an even more important time as brands are beginning to invest in various tools (such as Twt2Pay and Video Checkout) to sell directly to their fans on social media. But don’t worry! The extra investment will be much worth it. Brands are already reporting that this step is driving up customer loyalty and revenue over time.

Don’t underestimate the power of social commerce – whether it’s a tool for the bottom line or a branding mechanism for building customer loyalty.