Auto Dealers Accelerate Service Satisfaction with Mobile Checkout

A new collaboration between NcompassTrac and Total-Apps is revolutionizing the auto dealer service checkout process. Instead of waiting in a cashier’s line, customers can now check out securely and electronically using their dealership’s loyalty app.

With more than 2.5 million users of its cloud-based dealership rewards program, NcompassTrac is driving loyalty plans into the automotive market; an approach to customer retention that can account for up to 70 percent of repeat business in service-based industries like hospitality and air travel.

A number of auto dealers, including those with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Cadillac, and Porsche, have implemented the NcompassTrac Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) to welcome new customers to their store and help them manage their car maintenance. Along the way they’re incented to come back visit after visit by earning various rewards, such as free oil changes, discount merchandise and other special offers.


NcompassTrac recently took its app to the next level by adding TotalApps credit card processing to become the first mobile app for dealers with secure checkout. Instead of having to trek to the cashier window and wait in line, customers can choose to pay via credit card on their mobile phone, pick up their keys and be on their way.

The convenience of the mobile pay feature, helps ensure car owners will return for future services, a key stream of revenue most dealers have to continually compete for. Dealers can even track the revenue success of the program through a real-time reporting metric.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the dealer customer experience,” said Kevin Cooper, CEO of NcompassTrac. “Adding a payment method was something we knew would be a home-run for today’s usually hurried, mobile-connected customers.”

After speaking with several mobile payment vendors, NcompassTrac was discouraged with how difficult it seemed to be to add this feature to their loyalty app. However, a conversation with Total-Apps proved it could be an easy process.

Using the standard Total-Apps API, the NcompassTrac development team was able to add Total-Apps credit card payment processing into their TracPay mobile application. Within just a couple weeks, they had a customer-ready application to roll out.

By outsourcing the payment processing service to Total-Apps, the dealer can be assured customer information is protected through PCI compliance. Customers can choose to enter their credit card each time or save it using strong encryption methods. In the latter scenario, customers just need to verify their security code on the back of their card to complete each transaction.

NcompassTrac is one of several cutting-edge app and services businesses looking to Total-Apps to incorporate mobile payment processing into their existing apps. The company’s technical proficiency in mobile payment processing, impressive track record and dedicated development team quickly make it a first choice across customers.