What Happens When Seasonal Changes Cause an Increase to Business?

When you sign up for a merchant account, you’re approved for a set amount for your monthly volume. Due to risk, underwriting approves this set amount based on your business model and other financial factors.

But what if your business is extremely seasonal and you see a spike during certain parts of the year? What if your business starts to pick up to a point where you need to exceed the approved monthly volume?

If you’ve gone with a reputable provider, there are proactive techniques the provider can use to make sure you’re never at a point where you can’t take further sales in the month.

So what do these proactive techniques look like?

When it comes to Total-Apps, we have insight to your sales that tells us when you’re getting within a certain amount of your approved volume. For example, we can be notified when you reach 70%, 80%, or 90% of your overall limit. This will allow us to get in touch with the risk department to get you the increase needed.

An increase can be set and taken care of within 24-hours. One thing to note is that the risk department may ask for a current snapshot of your bank account. This will illustrate your position and show that you’re ready to up your processing volume. If you’re open about the fact that the increase is due to seasonal changes (for example, the holidays, summer, etc.), your provider should have an even easier time getting the increase within a day.

Simple. Easy. Painless. Just how your merchant account needs should be.