Pinterest Adds Buy Button

Yesterday, it was Instagram. Today, it’s Pinterest. In a recent blog on Pinterest’s website, the company has announced that it will be launching buyable pins.

Buy Buttons… How Will They Work?

Pinterest is claiming that when the buyable pins roll out in the next few weeks, you should keep your eye on the blue pins. A blue pin will indicate that you can purchase. The platform will allow you to search for buyable pins and even set a price filter when conducting a search.

You’ll be able to scroll through different variables to find the best fit for you. This is an exciting move in the social commerce industry and we are excited to see where this will lead!

It’s important to note that, technically, all pins can be considered shoppable. You will need to make sure your shopping cart on your own website is mobile friendly and creates the least amount of friction for your customers. Pinterest will be teaming up with a payment processor that will offer a solution in addition to Apple Pay. With that being said, if you do decide to have the pins link to your branded shopping cart instead of investing in buyable pins, make sure the friction you eliminate allows the customer to checkout and purchase in under 3 steps.

Right now, Pinterest only plans to use Shopify and Demandware. If you do not use either platform, you’ll need to take our advice from above in order to convert from Pinterest.