Mobile POS Systems & their Benefits

Mobile technology is here to stay in the retail industry, and merchants can take advantage of the ability to sell products anywhere. Mobile Point-of-Sale systems, such as Square and CPMobile, provide the opportunity to run businesses more effectively. Traditional Point-of-Sale systems aren’t going to be phased out just yet, however adding the mobile POS systems into your business offers options that traditional POS systems can’t do.

Shorter Lines & Wait Times

Customers want to get in and out of stores as quickly as possible, and one of the greatest deterrents for a purchase is a long wait in the checkout line. Using mobile POS, employees can easily manage long lines during peak sale times, helping avoid customer dissatisfaction and lost sales.

Relieve Register Delays due to Returns

Every retailer has to deal with product returns, especially at certain times during the year. By having mobile POS available, merchants can avoid the line backing up at registers due to the length of the return process. This also gives the customer a sense of priority as the cashier can spend more time on customer service during the interaction.

Answer Price & Inventory Questions on the Spot

Frustration sets in when customers cannot get an answer about price or product availability because employees do not have the tools available to get a quick answer. By having mobile devices that are connected back to the POS and inventory management systems, store employees can look answer customer questions without having to leave their side.

Offer Email Receipts & Collect Customer Information

Whether for convenience reasons or for green initiatives, having email receipts is becoming a popular request among customers. With the email option, it is easier to keep track of your receipt in case of needing to return a product. Collecting emails for receipts is also a way to build your database for email marketing opportunities.

Sell Anytime, Anywhere

Selling is no longer restricted to the walls of your store. Whether a retailer is having a tent sale in the parking lot, or selling products at a local festival or fair, mobile POS allows the merchant to sell and process payment without having to be tied to a cash register.

By combining traditional POS with mobile POS, merchants can have the flexibility to expand their business and can take advantage of the potential to sell and connect with customers anytime and anywhere.