How Merchant Accounts Can Help Grow Businesses

Merchant Accounts Increase Sales, Protect Assets

Merchant accounts are not created equal. When it comes time to sign up with a dedicated account to further grow your business, it’s important to do the research. But aside from selecting the right company to work with, understanding the benefits of specific accounts is also crucial. The top three benefits to opening a merchant account include an increase in sales, the ability to accept multiple forms of payment, and transaction protection. Read below about some of the benefits your business can receive by opening a merchant account.

No Payment Discrimination

The first and arguably biggest way a merchant account can help grow a business is by offering multiple payment options to consumers. Many shoppers are turning more and more to online shopping, and now, mobile shopping is becoming the next big thing. Without the ability to process credit and debit cards online, a business can suffer. Merchant accounts allow businesses to accept these types of payments, and from a broad range of card companies, giving consumers the ability to pay how they want, where they want.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Thanks to the ability to accept multiple forms of payment, both online and in-store, businesses can create more sales. Because of this, consumers may make more impulse buys, shop during sales, and give businesses more of a market reach. Whether it’s a large or small business, increased sales increases revenue. Without the option for credit and debit card purchases, this can’t happen.

Financial Protection

With the ability to accept multiple forms of payment comes increased risk of fraud and chargebacks. Merchant accounts offer businesses an added level of protection from these business-critical issues. Now, when a customer uses a fraudulent card or initiates a chargeback, the merchant has options and ways to combat these issues. Consumers also retain protection during transactions, with defective or damaged products.

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