Maximize Facebook Campaign Conversion

Campaign conversion and measuring the return on investment of Social Media Campaigns has been intensely scrutinized by advertisers and brands alike. From its infancy six years ago, marketing and advertising on social media platforms in general – and on Facebook in particular – have progressed and are now an integral part of most campaigns. From Lead Generation, to Product Sales, to Donations, Facebook has become a proven platform.

The high level of audience engagement and the ability to segment and target potential customers based on demographics, geographics, psychograhics, interests and affinity is virtually unmatched.

Facebook’s Conversion Problem

One drawback limiting the ROI of social media marketing and social commerce to date has been the inherent conversion process: Connecting with and engaging potential customers within the social app first, customers taking action second (ranging from reaction, to comment, to share, to click) – followed by the experience of a disruptive, often slow transfer to a landing page outside of the social platform.

Because of this process, conversion in todays Social Media World is handicapped by losing customers twice – from Impression to Interaction, and from Landing Page Visitor to Checkout.

Making Facebook advertising even more attractive, the use of videos and life streams, has further increased the audience engagement – albeit with the same conversion drop-off based on the conversion process.

Increase Facebook Conversion

Total-Apps Video Checkout is solving the social media conversion problem through a native integration of the checkout, lead-generation, and donation process into the video. With a fast, easy set-up (no external landing page and shopping cart are necessary) and an optimized conversion process, conversion is maximized, leading to significantly higher ROI for your campaign.

If you are looking to increase the sales of your product, are looking for qualified leads, or want to maximize donations for a charity, experience what VideoCheckout can accomplish for your business and contact your Total-Apps marketing team today.