Makers of Oreo Look Into Buy Button

Mondelez International, makers of Oreo, have announced plans to launch their very own Buy Button through social channels such as their Facebook page. The buy button and shoppable ads would be linked to one of the brand’s retailers.

Buy Button Strategy

This announcement comes at a time where Facebook and Twitter have recently rolled out their own buy buttons. We’ve seen a handful of small tests from big and smaller brands over the past 6 months and the attempt from Oreo on their Facebook page with over 40 million likes will make for an interesting test of social commerce acceptance in the mainstream.

According to the company, they have set a goal to double online revenue over the next few years and they plan to use these social commerce techniques to reach savy millennials. It’s an extremely cost-efficient way to test where their customers are at on a technical level and they may be able to leverage this opportunity to teach their followers about new trends.

Have you seen Oreo use the buy button in the wild? How was the process? Were you directed to the appropriate place easily enough? Share your experience below.