International Merchant Accounts

Finding a Processor for International High Risk Accounts

Are you a global business in need of a merchant account? Have you been deemed high-risk based off your industry? Did you just expand to become an international business? There are many reasons you may need to open a high-risk international merchant account, and it’s important that you find the right provider to create your account. Some providers may try to increase expenses and fees, while others may not be reputable. Here are the best steps to finding a processor for your international high-risk merchant account.


Just like when you apply for a normal high-risk merchant account, it’s important to know the facts before going forward with an application. You should always research a company before doing business with them. Are they PCI-compliant? Do they have a good reputation? Have they been the subject of a criminal investigation? Do they offer 24/7 dedicated customer support? Do they have any experience with your industry? If you don’t feel comfortable moving forward with a particular provider, trust your initial instinct. The last thing you or your business needs is to get involved with an unsavory provider.

Services Offered

For most merchant account providers, whether they’re domestic, international, high-risk, or low risk, they offer specific services to support various businesses. With high-risk accounts, merchants may want added protection and fraud management to help keep business running smoothly. For those operating internationally, having a dedicated customer service team operating 24/7 can be beneficial if any business-critical issues arise. Depending on the provider, associated fees may be less than the competition, or they may offer better or more services.

Open an International High-Risk Merchant Account with TOTAL-APPS

As a leader in payment processing solutions, TOTAL-APPS is well-equipped to handle your high-risk international merchant account. With more than 20 year of experience in the industry, TOTAL-APPs not only offers a number of included services and protection, but dedicated customer service, fraud monitoring, and much more.

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