Instagram Adds Buy Button – Social Commerce News

If you’re an active Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed that the platform has recently rolled out sponsored ads. These carousel ads allow paid players to promote their brand with a set of photos and a “learn more” button under the set of photos. This was the very first time Instagram ads became clickable. But now, Instagram has announced they’re ready to make a pivot – and a pretty lucrative pivot at that.

In addition to the “learn more” button, Instagram will begin to allow brands to use stronger calls-to-action. Much like Twitter and Twitter Cards, Instagram will give the option to buy a product, install an app, or sign up for a service.

Buy Button or Other Tools?

Now, we’ve seen Instagram have a role in the social commerce industry with companies such as Soldsie, Like2Buy, and LiketoKnowit. All these services work in a different manner, but allow the user to stay within Instagram, and the Soldsie tool increases photo engagement by having the user purchase with a comment.

So will engagement lead to higher conversions or will the buy button? Our guess is that Instagram users are extremely trained to treat the platform with a strict engagement philosophy. They comment. They like photos. They browse and tend to stick to that timeline like glue. Any service that appears to take the user out of the platform could potentially be a turn off for users. If we were to place a bet, we’d be extremely confident in  betting that users would rather purchase via engagement (commenting or liking a photo) than be taken away from their beloved timeline.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see more Instagram ads in your timeline? Would you click out of the Instagram feed? Have you used a service like Soldsie or Like2Buy? Share your thoughts and experience below.