Increasing Conversions for Your eCommerce Site

Believe it or not, making simple tweaks to your checkout process can increase conversions, leading to more sales and more revenue. But what tweaks and changes should you tackle first?

The simple answer – it really depends.

But we’re not here to leave you without suggestions that can drastically improve the performance of your site and shopping experience. With that in mind, here are 3 ways to increase conversions on your eCommerce site.

Less Clicks Leads to Higher Conversions

The rumors are true. Decreasing the amount of steps it takes for your customer to complete checkout will increase the conversion rate on your eCommerce site. We always recommend that our clients go through the checkout process themselves. Buying a product through your own site is the best way to experience what your customers are experiencing.

Are there any unnecessary steps that you can remove? Go ahead and remove these and monitor your analytics to see just how much this helped.

Think Mobile

More and more of your customers are expecting a seamless mobile experience. Google is penalizing sites if they’re not mobile friendly. So the reality is, you need to ensure your checkout experience can be completed with ease on a mobile device.

Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test that will provide a report on design, speed, and ease of use. The report will display any errors and recommendations for improvements.

A/B Test

Which copy performs best? Do your customers respond better to certain photos more than others? Which product pages perform best? Why?

Would you like to find out the answers to these questions? Ultimately, knowing these answers could lead to better decisions with your checkout experience. And yes, that leads to higher conversions.

Google Analytics offers “experiments.” With experiments, you can compare how different web pages perform, choose objectives you’d like to test, and get updates on the performance of your experiment to adjust accordingly.

To learn more, check out Google Analytics Experiments info.