How Can You Turn Video into a Shoppable Video?

It’s should come as no surprise that marketers are beginning to look at video as a new way to convert viewers into paying customers. But what exactly are the stats? How well does video perform and should you invest in a platform other than YouTube to tap into the newer, seamless services where customers can check out WITHIN the video?

Let’s look at some numbers first. Depending on the exact study you look at, between 30%-40% of apparel shoppers said they would be more likely to purchase a product after viewing an online video ad. 40% of shoppers visited a store specifically due to a video they watched online.

But there’s too much room for your customers to forget about you if you expect them to head to your website, let alone your physical retail location.

So what can you do to turn video into shoppable video?

You should realize by now that friction is the enemy. Converting a customer at that initial point of contact is your goal. There are plenty of platforms such as Liveclicker and Brightcove that can convert a customer within the video. The only problem is that they don’t own the payment piece, which forces the video to ultimately send a customer to a new tab or new window. It can be a bit messy. Again, it’s an unnecessary step that can be eliminated.

Our Video Checkout platform takes payment information all within the video while it is still playing. This gives the customer full control and doesn’t interrupt the selling experience via that is occurring via video.

If you’re interested in talking to someone from our team about the impressive nature of implementing such a service, feel free to learn more on our Video Checkout page. We’d be happy to walk you through the system and explain just how powerful a tool like this can be to your bottom line.

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