Facebook Donate Button Raises $10 Million

If you’ve logged into Facebook in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed the “Donate Button” on the top of your timeline. This button has made its presence known, but with the recent magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, Facebook users came together to donate over $10 Million to help those in need.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the company plans to donate an additional $2 Million to help the cause. The donations will be given to the International Medical Corps’ mobile first-aid unit.

Much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, we are seeing the power that social media sharing can have for a particular cause. By putting a simple Call to Action on the top of every user’s timeline, Facebook and its power was able to lead the way in over $12 Million in donations in a time of need.

The only issue that charities are currently seeing is the increase to the amount of steps it takes for a user to get to a donation page. There may be a better solution that decreases the steps to donate.

Were you a user that donated via Facebook? If so, how was the experience? What charity did you see use this in your feed?