Facebook Announces Facebook For Nonprofits

In recent nonprofit news, Facebook launched its new website, Facebook for Nonprofits. It’s essentially a  platform specifically for nonprofit organizations looking to utilize Facebook to reach their goals.

Facebook for Nonprofits covers anything from engaging supporters with video to using Facebook during events.

The most important feature of the website is Facebook’s addition of the Donate Now Button. The Donate Now Button can be embedded in an organization’s Facebook page and ads to allow donations through a pre-selected website.

The transactions will take place outside of Facebook. Although the social network is working on tools to enable nonprofits to collect donations directly on Facebook, the technology is not yet available to nonprofits using Facebook.

As a socially responsible company, it’s great news hearing about new developments helping nonprofits build their presence on Facebook and raise awareness for their cause. Operating online helps nonprofits increase revenues and online payment processing allows donations to be processed safely and securely.

Total-Apps payment processing and Video Checkout technology enable nonprofits to easily accept online donations. Video Checkout is the first in-app tool that allows nonprofits to accept donations directly in Facebook – without directing customers to a third party website.

Online payment processing is crucial for nonprofits looking for a greater presence because there is no geographical restrictions applied to online business. By operating through Facebook, nonprofits will see increased conversions and donations to their cause.