4 Ways Facebook Ads Increase Marketing ROI

Create Higher Conversion Rates with Facebook Ads

Social media marketing continues to be at the forefront of conversation when creating the right marketing campaign for many businesses go to my site. Facebook has created a way for businesses and individuals to create custom ads for products and services that can be targeted, tracked, and analyzed to drive ROI without high initial costs. Here are four ways that Facebook Ads can help increase your marketing ROI.


When you’re looking to create ads to target your audience, you first have to make sure that you not only have an audience to market to, but that it’s relevant for what you’re offering. You don’t want to attract men age 45-70 when you’re trying to market women’s clothing. By creating a relevant audience for your business, you’re more likely to increase your ROI as your marketing efforts aren’t wasted on a people who may never turn into customers.


Once you’ve established a strong audience base, creating targeted ads will help you reach a specific demographic. Facebook lets you select the age, gender, profession, location and more. This enables you to run incredibly targeted ads where you know there are viewers. Understanding your audience is also part of the process. If you know that some of your base left items in their cart and never made a purchase, you may want to run an ad promoting a special discount or deal.


There are three different ways to use pixels when using Facebook Ads. You can install a conversion tracking pixel, which is a snippet of code placed on the “Thank You” page used. This helps you track conversions. The next is a custom audience pixel, which lets you track visitors to specific pages and target that audience accordingly. The last of these options is the Facebook pixel. Facebook is currently phasing out conversion tracking pixels and custom audience pixels so advertisers use their pixel exclusively. The Facebook pixel combines the conversion and custom audience pixels to better optimize, measure, and build audiences for your campaigns.


After you’ve built your audience, created targeted ads, and used conversion pixels to give you a better sense of what is and isn’t working, it’s time to go through all that data and implement changes to get better results. Did you run an ad that didn’t perform well? Find out why so you can change it and try again, or pull it completely and use those funds on a campaign with better results.

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