Drive Marketing ROI with Facebook Ads

Four Ways Facebook Ads Can Increase Your Marketing ROI

Whether you run a large business or small specialty shop, marketing and advertising are still important to both businesses. Reaching your audience to create conversions requires poignant and targeted ads. Facebook Ads offers a great way to reach customers with plenty of technology to help you understand your audience, data analysis, and more. If you are looking to grow your business and increase your ROI, here are four ways Facebook Ads can help.


Before you start using Facebook Ads, you should have a strong fan base. By curating your Facebook business page, you can better target your audience. You want to promote relevant products and services to your fan-base. Relating your business to different human experience will not only bring out more possible engagement from your audience, but can increase your conversion rate.


When it comes time to create your ad, it’s a good idea to try a variety of ad types to see which performs best. While link ads can drive higher conversion rates, photo ads can perform just as adequately when used properly. The difference between the two types of ads is with a link ad, the consumer can click on the photo or directly on the link to make a purchase, while with a photo ad, the consumer must click on the link in the text to purchase a product. Both types of ads have their merits, and increasing conversions with both depends on how the ads are used.


Your ads should stand out from the crowd, to catch your audience’s eye when they’re scrolling through their Facebook feed. To help your ads stand out, use images with bold colors and plenty of contrast. Images with high-impact colors get better response rates, but one color scheme doesn’t fit every ad. Along with a strong image, the text that goes with it is just as important. Entice your audience with compelling call-to-actions and key words that will pique the interest of your audience to click on the ad.


Perhaps the most crucial factor regarding Facebook Ads is tracking. In order to refine your ad to better reach your target audience, you need to utilize tracking pixels. These not only show you who is viewing your ads, but which ads are succeeding or failing.  Facebook features its own pixel system, which tracks conversions as well as visits, page views, and helps re-target website visitors.

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