Credit Card Processing Solutions for eCommerce

As a result of the rapid growth of the internet and eCommerce technologies, traditional business has been surpassed by eEcommerce. According to research, there are several benefits to eCommerce, including:

    • Decreased prices for consumers and suppliers – Competition leads to decreased product prices and electronic businesses are cheaper to manage.
    • Diversification of products – Internet markets lead to an increase of goods available.


    • Ongoing business hours – Because there is no physical storefront, businesses operate around the clock.


    • Upgraded customer service – You are able to conveniently contact customers to answer their questions.


    • International business – Websites can reach customers worldwide, enabling merchants to overcome geographical limitations that come with a physical store.


    • Electronic payments – Electronic payments are made without any loss of time. Immediacy is offered as customers do not have to wait in lines.


    • Gain new customers with search engine visibility – Customers can find your website through search engines when unable to find product at a retail location.


    • Due to the popularity of online and mobile shopping today, a business that operates online will have a significant increase in sales vs. a business that avoids online activity. Credit and debit sales are imperative to a company’s success.


Our credit card processing solutions for E-commerce helps business accept credit card payments in eCommerce environments and increase card acceptance for merchants who do not have a traditional acquiring relationship. We allow you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and all debit cards. We allow for acceptance of currencies from 15 countries and 8 international bands, increasing international eCommerce sales.

Total-Apps offers affordable rates and exceptional customer service. Our customizable credit card processing solutions for E-Commerce allow for flexibility in the eCommerce environment, increasing your customer shopping experience.

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