Credit Card Processing for Restaurants and Small Business

We appreciate small businesses and know accepting credit cards increases sales significantly. Credit card processing for restaurants and small businesses should be an easy solution to find. We’re here for your search.

There are multiple reasons why credit card transactions help small businesses succeed:

  • Spending is increased with credit cards. Research shows that people are inclined to use their credit card. And with 66% of POS transactions being carried with credit cards, why wouldn’t you accept credit cards? People are willing to pay nearly twice as much we whey use credit cards and with today’s technology, businesses can conveniently accept and regulate credit card transactions.
  • Credit cards lead to impulse buying. There have been countless studies concerning Americans’ impulse spending. Three out of four Americans participate in impulse purchases. And those that use credit cards make extra purchases while shopping.
  • Accepting credit cards widens your customer base. Because credit cards are so common today, it is rare to find a business that does not accept them. Shoppers seek out merchants who accept credit cards and increase the amount of business you receive.
  • Credit card processing fees are inexpensive. Payment processors offer competitive rates, making it easy to find affordable pricing. The increase in sales produced by accepting credit cards outweighs the small fees for credit card processing.
    Here are some of the benefits of choosing Total-Apps with credit card processing for restaurants and small businesses:

Customer Support

Our in-house customer support team makes sure your merchant account setup process runs smoothly. You are given a dedicated account manger who works with you for the lifetime of your account. We offer “anyway payment” to make sure you can accept credit card payments in whatever form you want.


Our risk teams are constantly monitoring your account as we report in real time to make sure you are notified immediately if any issues arise.

Lower Costs

In an effort to optimize your bottom line, we ensure our transaction fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

Fast & Easy Approval

Our online application is fast and painless. Apply for a merchant account and receive same-day approval!

Ready to Apply For a Merchant Account For Your Restaurant or Small Business?