Credit Card Processing for High Risk Business

Total-Apps assists high risk merchant accounts to make sure your questions and concerns are always addressed. Our dedicated account managers work closely with high risk businesses to prevent fraud and manage chargebacks. Because we own our own gateway, we have total control over every aspect of your account, enabling unsurpassed security of high risk accounts. We make credit card processing for high risk businesses secure, simple, and manageable.

For any business, accepting credit cards online and face-to-face is crucial for success. The challenge of finding payment processing solutions can be especially hard for high risk businesses and we are dedicated to helping our merchants achieve their goals.

We currently provide credit card processing for high risk businesses, including:

  • Credit Card Processing for Vape Merchants
  • Credit Card Processing for Furniture Stores
  • Credit Card Processing for Travel Businesses
  • Credit Card Processing for Multi-Level Marketing Businesses
  • Credit Card Processing for Business Opportunity Websites

Risk is analyzed based on a merchant’s bank statements and credit history, chargeback likelihood, past performance reviews, and processing limits. No matter the business, a merchant provider will take on risk with every new client. Some common high risk businesses are travel and advanced booking, long-term commitment services, concert tickets, and nutraceutical.

Most major payment processors disregard new businesses because of the unpredictable sales volumes and the anticipated risk. These processors are not dedicated to helping high risk merchants succeed and often times are not willing to accommodate a high risk business’s needs. Total-Apps appreciates new businesses and we want to help you succeed. We have made it our mission to help businesses grow while saving them money and providing a simple, yet effective payment processing solution.

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