How to Choose the Merchant Account Provider for your Business!

Manage Chargebacks and Reduce Fraud Risk with TOTAL-APPS Advanced Payment Processing Solutions

Merchant account providers are not created equal. Access to risk management services, expertise of your account service team, responsiveness of customer service, and provided advanced features like split payments will help you to grow your business faster and are often more important than just selecting the lowest fees. When it comes to choosing the right merchant account service for your business, price is easiest to compare, but the main deciding factor changes once you encounter electronic payment problems that can place your entire business in jeopardy. Some providers may not offer protection against fraud or chargebacks, may not be able to help to prepare you for changes to trends before they affect your business, or get you on the right track from day one. That’s why we created TOTAL-APPS. Whether you want the best protection from various payment processing risks or help your business expand faster, get the tools you need to meet your needs.


A chargeback occurs when a cardholder disputes a charge with their bank, which may reverse the payment and refund the cardholder after an investigation. This can be detrimental to the merchant in question, as it can hurt the merchant’s credit and risk rating. For younger, less-established, or high-risk merchants, the potential damage can be greater, as many traditional banks aren’t willing to underwrite these businesses as they may be more prone to chargebacks from clients.


When looking at potential fraud risks, the two most common forms are Friendly Fraud and Customer Identity Fraud (Identity Theft).

Friendly fraud occurs when the buyer is the cardholder. They authorize a payment, but once the product is received or the service is completed, they reverse the charges, enabling the cardholder to get the goods or services for free, while the merchant is hung out to dry.

This may be one of the hardest types of fraud to detect because the payments themselves are legitimate, and the merchant never swiped a physical card. These issues hit the merchant hard, as they will spend valuable time and resources to dispute the chargeback, and lose the value of their merchandise.

Customer identity fraud or identity theft is when a customer uses a stolen credit card to purchase goods or services from a legitimate merchant. The real cardholder, when made aware of the fraudulent transactions will reverse the payment, while the merchant is left with the task of dealing with another chargeback. Cardholders may have fraud protection from their banking institutions that provide a return of funds and other such services, but merchants don’t have the same protection.


TOTAL-APPS offers advanced services to help manage a merchant account, including a virtual terminal, invoicing, batch reports, returns, and voids. As a full-service merchant provider that is PCI-compliant and FEC-compliant, TOTAL-APPS has an in-house, US-based service team that offers a high level of expertise and a fast response time to help discover payment fraud before it happens and handle chargebacks in a more efficient manner.

The committed account managers at TOTAL-APPS review their merchant accounts daily to check for indicators of fraud or chargebacks. If and when a problem is detected, the merchant is notified immediately to fix the issue.

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