Social Fundraising – How To Better Engage Social Donors

Social fundraising has been a hot topic for 2015 – whether it’s in the nonprofit and charity world or the political landscape. Organizations are figuring out that receiving donations through social media channels is a MUST, and luckily, it’s becoming easier every day.

Here are 3 simple ways to better engage donors during your next fundraising campaigns.

Tell a Story

The most important thing you can do when creating a video is keep your story at the forefront. People respond to compelling stories. And their responses typically involve the sharing and engagement of your video content on social platforms. This ultimately leads to your video being exposed to a wider audience – a huge win when trying to raise funds!

Social Fundraising Requires a Simplified Your Call-to-Action

When your potential donors are engaged, the last thing you want to do is create a list of steps they need to take to make a donation. Are you using video in your social feed? Don’t make your followers watch a compelling video only to then ask them to click off the social feed and take multiple steps to donate.

Ask For Engagement

If you have a social media budget, you’ll want to consider targeting likely donors. Do you have a list of donors who donated to your last major campaign? Import their emails into a custom Facebook Audience and they’ll see your video and be more likely to donate again.

If you don’t have a budget, you’ll need to realize that Facebook’s algorithm only puts your organic content in front of a fraction of your overall audience. To increase reach of your content, you’ll want to ask users to “engage” with your video. Facebook considers engagement to be a like, comment, or share with your post. Facebook will then put your video content in front of more users, exposing more to your cause.

There are tons of ways to engage your donors. But it really comes down to your budget and resources. Video Fundraise takes care of Step 2, and we have the resources to point you in the right direction.

So how will you better engage your audience with your next social fundraising campaign?