Benefits of Merchant Accounts for Small Businesses

Why Small Businesses Should Utilize Merchant Account Services

Whether you run a small business or online operation, having a merchant account service provider can offer great benefits. Many may think that they’re too new, too small, or can’t meet potential sales requirements, but that isn’t the case. With so many companies out there, it may be difficult to choose the right one. However, most merchant services provide the following benefits for small businesses and online enterprises.

Increased Revenue/Sales

The first benefit of having a merchant account is increased revenue and sales. Research suggests that consumers may spend more when given the opportunity to use credit or debit cards. This is especially true with online merchants. The only real way to perform a transaction is through credit card services, which can be difficult and costly without merchant services. Added to that, customers shopping in-store are less likely to carry cash, and checks are all but non-existent for purchases. With increased sales, your business will earn more revenue and continue to grow.

Accept Credit Cards/Avoid Bad Checks

The ability to accept credit and debit cards is paramount for a successful business, large or small, but can significantly hurt newer, smaller businesses. More and more customers are turning to electronic forms of payment, and by not keeping up with the times, it can turn potential customers away from your business. Along with that, checks are no longer an issue. Every business wants to avoid bounced checks and the fees that go with it. With some merchant services, you may have the ability to set up recurring payments.

Increased Productivity/Better Money Management

With credit card services, small businesses can focus on what’s important. Now, counting cash and change won’t take quite as long, as most transactions will be electronic. Customers will no longer have to dig through pockets or purses to find exact change, and transactions will be quicker and more efficient for both the business and company involved. Another added benefit is that electronic payments help keep your accounting organized, and offers better money management.

Customer Satisfaction/Convenience

The customer is always right. This is especially true when it comes to convenience and satisfaction. It’s so much easier to swipe a card than dig around for cash and change. Consumers want to have the flexibility of payment options, including mobile payments, recurring billing, the option to swipe a card and enter a pin without handing over a card. More consumers will spend money with your business if you have the right options. Limiting payment options can limit sales.


TOTAL-APPS Helps Grow Small Businesses

When it comes time to select the right merchant account for your business, you want to go with a reputable provider, one that will grow with you as your business grows. TOTAL-APPS provides small businesses with the same tools and protection as every other enterprise it works with. Gain the advantage with TOTAL-APPS with built-in protection, proprietary technology, and dedicated account managers.

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