Avoid These 8 Facebook Ad Mistakes

Avoid Mistakes and Increase Your ROI with These Helpful Tips

Every day, thousands of ads are created with bland images, boring text, and plenty of errors to turn away potential customers. When using Facebook Ads, it’s even more pertinent to avoid these mistakes as the ads are more widely viewed and shared. To create more engaging, eye-catching ads, try these eight fixes for better, stronger ads.
One of the more common issues found with bad Facebook ads is that the text is generic and bland. It’s important to customize your text to not only convey a powerful message, but make your ad appealing to your audience. When you create an ad with basic text, it doesn’t differentiate your products or services from your competition. Write copy that sets you apart and shows how you are different.
When you lead with sales in your ads, you’re pushing your potential customers away. Nobody wants to immediately get their wallet out. Give your audience the chance to learn more about what you have to offer and create a strong call-to-action. Leading with the benefits of your products or services gives your audience a sense of ease, which can make them more comfortable to make a purchase.
There are plenty of mistakes businesses make when implementing Facebook Ads, one of the more common being a lack of targeted ads. When you create an ad but don’t set up any target audiences, your ad may not reach the right audience, or it may be a complete flop. By targeting your ad to the right gender, age, location, and more, you have a better chance of conversions.
Without eye-catching images, it’s hard to get people to click on your ad. Many successful ads utilize not only a strong lead image, but also contrasting colors to make it pop off the screen. When scrolling through Facebook, make sure your audience takes the time to read it and click on it. If there’s an image for the sake of having an image, your audience will scroll past your ad without another thought.
When a consumer clicks on your ad, you want to send them to a professional, appealing landing page. One of the worst mistakes you can make is sending them to a page that not only doesn’t have a sophisticated or aesthetically pleasing appearance, but doesn’t fully represent your business to the fullest. By creating a strong landing page, you’re offering your consumers the final element that entices them to make a purchase.
If you have access to the latest technology like data analytics, conversion pixels, and new platforms, you need to take advantage of that. When you don’t, you can miss out on vital information to help target ads to the right audience, see what ads are successful, and increase your conversion rate.
Customers are the life of your business. When they reach out after seeing an ad that directs them to your page, if you don’t engage with them, you’re losing out on potential sales. Consumers want to feel connected to what they’re purchasing, whether it’s clothing, skincare, or different services like plumbing and painting. The more you interact with your audience, the higher your conversion rate will be.
The absolute worst mistake you can make is not proofreading and previewing your ad before you publish it. With an ad that has spelling and grammar mistakes, you won’t be making any sales. Consumers don’t want to purchase products or services from a company that doesn’t take the time to proofread their ad. Double check your ad before you send it out.