Advice From Hubspot on NonProfit Keyword Strategy

Hubspot recently published an article about how nonprofits can optimize their keyword research and strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes nonprofit organizations easier to find online, leading to increased membership and recognition of the organization. Long-tail keywords are the best strategy for nonprofits because these keywords are related to a very specific search intent. There are six tips for creating and optimizing a nonprofit’s keyword strategy.

Brainstorm a Topic List – You should have a thorough list of topics that are important to your organization. This list can be organized into a list of keywords for you to research.

Organize Your Brainstorm – The list of keywords will be grouped by causes, communities, and personas.

Research Related – Research similar angles and directions related to your SEO keywords lists.

Mix Long-Tail and Head Terms – After a period of managing long-tail data success, you can identify head terms that are more competitive to rank for search engines.

See Where Your Competitors Fall – To understand how Google ranks key players in your industry, conduct keyword research audits of their blogs and websites.

Cut Down Your List to Start – Start with a few keywords, and from there you can replicate that work.

In the nonprofit sector, accepting payments and donations online will help your organization thrive. Without online donations, your organization is losing the valuable opportunity to increase revenue. If you are already accepting online donations, but you haven’t created a SEO strategy, you are missing out on potential donors accessing your website.

Using these suggestions, your nonprofit organization will have a higher chance of increasing donations, due to the added web traffic from your strategic SEO plan see this page. Donations are vital for a nonprofit’s success, and without a SEO strategy, you are at risk of losing money and brand recognition.

With the implementation of your improved keyword strategy, you will see a noticeable difference in the amount of donations given through your organization’s website.