2017 MLM Trends

Digital innovation creates a ripple effect of changes in entire industries, including MLM or multi-level marketing. Consumers will shop in augmented reality, with voice-recognition technology and bitcoin blockchain technology, revolutionizing the way the MLM industry sells a variety of products and services.

Shopping in Augmented Reality

MLM relies heavily on independent networkers to give face-to-face demonstrations to help facilitate sales. With augmented reality coming forth in the industry, independent networkers can use webinars, meeting platforms and other new technology to create personalized product suggestions. For MLM, skin care companies are starting to toy with the ability to utilize augmented reality for consumers to try on their makeup. This leads to more personalized engagement between the products and customers.

Browse and Make Purchase Decisions by Voice

As Amazon created Alexa, their voice-recognition device, the ability to make purchases by simply speaking the order to Alexa is now available. Google Home has the same ability to search and browse, then finalize purchases with voice first interactions. MLM companies will be recognizing this trend, and will be optimizing their mobile content and technology for voice first interactions.

Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin blockchain is a virtual ledger that allows for a shared view of all of the transactions between engaging parties in a decentralized, distributed network. Even though the technology is still being refined to minimize associated risks and complexities. MLM companies can partner with bitcoin firms that are lead by management teams that analyze the issues, allowing for long-term success and long-term revenues and profits. When tied to an income opportunity in some way, networkers can take advantage of the booming trend as it evolves.

Based on these predictions, MLM companies can capitalize on the potential for long-term financial growth, and networkers will be hungry to join successful multi-level marketing companies.