Instant Merchant Accounts
Instant Merchant Accounts

If you need credit card processing and you need it fast, then you’re in luck: instant merchant accounts can help. With an instant merchant account, you could be accepting credit card payments from your customers in just a matter of hours. Take a minute to learn more about this game-changing opportunity.


What is an Instant Merchant Account?

An instant merchant account is exactly what it sounds like: a merchant account that you can get in an extremely short amount of time. These accounts allow merchants to apply for, get approved, and begin using a merchant service provider’s credit card processing services all in one day’s time. Perfect for new start-up business, already established businesses, or companies in a pinch to offer customers a new payment option, an instant merchant account can be a true lifesaver.


As convenient as they are, not all merchant service providers are equipped to offer instant accounts. Only the best of the best – those that have the manpower, connections, and resources necessary – typically can offer merchants instant account approval and setup.


Benefits of an Instant Merchant Account

An instant merchant account can provide businesses with a number of huge benefits when it comes to offering credit card processing.


Here are just a few:

  • Same-day approval – There’s no lengthy waiting period or frustrating run-around when it comes to an instant merchant account. You simply submit your application and, as long as you’re eligible, you’ll receive approval that very same day. In just a few hours’ time, you can begin offering credit and debit card processing to your customers.
  • Easy setup – Often, the hardest part of getting a merchant account is the setup. Merchant account providers are often slow to process applications and even slower to help customers install and set up their systems. With an instant merchant account, this isn’t the case. You not only get same-day approval of your application, you also get help setting up, installing, and integrating your new payment system so you can begin accepting payments right away.
  • No extra fees –The goal of an instant merchant account is to get you set up and taking payments right away. For this reason, most won’t require any extra up-front fees, as they’ll just stall the process. You won’t face expensive application fees or set-up costs; you’ll simply get approved, and get your payment system up and running right away.
  • Fast deposits – Instant merchant accounts are fast – on every front. You don’t just get the benefit of lightning-quick approval; you also get extremely fast processing, too. With that fast processing comes fast depositing. You’ll see funds for your transactions deposited into your bank account in just a few days.


If you’re in need of payment processing fast, or you simply want to avoid the rigmarole of a lengthy merchant services application, an instant merchant account may be your answer.


Getting the Best Merchant Account

After you’ve decided to choose an instant merchant account for your company’s payment needs, it’s time to start looking for a merchant service provider to apply with. As mentioned before, not every provider is equipped to offer instantaneous approval. Always check to make sure that a company offers instant accounts before moving forward with the application process.


Additionally, you should be on the lookout for these factors when searching for the best merchant account provider:

  • 24-7 customer service and support
  • Positive reviews and testimonials
  • Assistance with setup, merchant account integration, and other initial needs
  • Straightforward, low rates and fees
  • Strong security measures in place


Are you ready to apply for instant merchant accounts for your business? Contact Total Apps today. With our help, you could be accepting payments by the end of the day!

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